Turning Lives Around Through Music

Ontrack Music services are a registered charity, we subsidise the cost of the lessons/therapy to make it an affordable option. Below is a little about what we do and who we are.

  • Removing social and economic barriers to participation in music.
  • Well structured flexible sessions.
  • Building confidence.
  • Encouraging prosocial behaviour.
  • Cognitive benefits.

On Track provide subsidised music tuition, including instrument provision in some circumstances, and teach song writing, music technology and drama. We work with people with social, behavioural, academic or mental health issues or who experience other barriers or social exclusion.

Our main aim is to create an environment where each student looks forward to their weekly Session, therefore giving them a reason to be at their place of learning for that day. We work with the students to find out what interests them. If it is Rap we try and encourage them to work on writing their own song, we use Garage Band, You Tube, musical apps, singing, and instrumental lessons.

We are working at Hall Cliffe school in Wakefield, Hall Cliffe primary school,the Levett junior and senior Schools in Doncaster, The Cambian PRU in Scarborough, Cambian Manor in Goole, Learning Central in Doncaster, The William Henry Smith School in Brighouse. Many of our students had no interest in music until they came to one of our sessions. We recentley started working with low functioning autistic adults at a unit in Newark, this gave us with probably one of our most rewarding experiences when one of the residents who has anger management issues, (he will not allow anyone to sit with him for more than a few minutes before getting agitated ) spent 50 minutes sat with his carer and listened to Mick Allport play the saxophone, the last 10 minutes were spent in silence as he had relaxed so much that he had fallen asleep. His carer said this was unheard of for this person.

We are also working at a Juvenile detention centre in Lincoln. Our teachers come with a wealth of life experience, most come from Military/police, backgrounds and one of our main teachers, Marie Lakin has a long history of working with children that have been excluded from mainstream school.

We are also working with autistic adults in the Wiltshire area and children from a Wiltshire primary school that are at risk of exclusion from school. With sufficient funding we hope to take our work into Cumbria, West Berkshire and Oxfordshire, Lancashire and the Newcastle area.

The Doncaster Free Press spoke to Ontrack's founder and CEO, Mick Allport who is from Doncaster. Mick's Grandfather was awarded the George Cross for his bravery in the 1931 Bentley colliery disaster and Ontrack are pleased to be developing new musical opportunities in the area. To read the article click here.